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Roxanne Gordey Art By Isert_s Originals-

Here I am.

My artistic origins begin in Kindergarten, when I received a class award for my bear drawing. This was a defining moment, learning that I am driven by appreciation.

I think what sets me apart as an artist is that I am less inspired to express my vision than I am motivated to create works that inspire and motivate others.

My greatest achievements are those with the greatest impact in my community and among those close to me.

I don't have a great deal of what people think of as formal training. I took art electives in high school with casual teachers. I taught myself as much as I could by taking on projects I knew nothing about and learning on the fly. This remains my preferred method of development to this day.

Entering adulthood, I began accumulating knowledge morsels from exceptional mentors in small doses.

Tina. David. Dan.

My development finally took a structured turn when my apprenticeship began with Chris Rhyason in 2013. Expanding upon my fundamentals and learning the tattoo arts, my vision honed into the space-oriented expression that it has become today.

Local Affiliations

My family and community


The Sterling Skull Studio

Where I work on a mostly daily basis. Established by my mentor, Chris Rhyason, in 2013. Here we strive to provide a world-class tattoo experience for our clients and I'm proud to have worked here for several years.


Cavalcade Theatre Company

Cavalcade is a non-profit theatre company focused on providing local youth educational programs and enriching the culture of our community. Founded in 2020 by my good friend Tahnia Getson, I've served on the Board of Directors since that time.


Bear Creek Folk Fest

My very favourite local event. I've been volunteering for BCFF since 2018. Each year you can find me at the face painting tent.


Ty the Tile Guy

Ty Pedersen - Partner in Mischief

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Isert's Originals

Travis Isert - Photographer


Card's Board Game Cafe

Caitlyn Card - Sponsor


Titan Tattoos

Taylor Wrobel - Blogger & Gatekeeper


The Imaginarium

Juanita Jordan - Artisan


Nikki Pepper

Artisan Florist


Stylez by Jazzy

Jasmyne Pedersen - Hair Stylist

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